Step 2: Package & Prep

How do we help our child get accepted to the schools of their choice?

The Package & Prep phase is another extremely important part of the college admissions process. Now that you have determined what the ‘right fit’ school is for your student, you want to do whatever you can to ensure they get accepted. In addition, you also want to package & prep your student so that they look as good as possible on paper. By doing so, the colleges not only want your student to choose their school, but are willing to give additional funds to get them to go there!

We compare this to a small business that is on the market to be sold. The company wants to look as good as possible on paper to attract the highest possible price from interested bidders. Similarly, we want your child to look as good as possible on paper so that they attract the highest possible offers from the schools of their choice.

In this phase, we seek to:

…coach your student on how to build a ‘brag sheet’ that ‘matters’

…consult on how to get great letters of recommendation from your ideal references as well as how to ensure the letters match the student’s stated college goals & aspirations

…coach your student on the college essay and explore strategic ways to maximize their ‘hook’ so that the student stands out to a college admissions committee

…coach your student on the admission application and determine which admission decision makes sense based on your student’s specific needs

…coach your student to maximize their SAT & ACT test scores using little-known strategies for boosting scores

…coach your student on how to create confidence in executing a well thought-out and narrated perspective during a live college interview

…and much, much more

Because you’ll also want to package & prep them for a career post college graduation, we also want to:

…provide tools to ensure your student is staying on track, keeping their grades up, taking the right classes and otherwise, holding them accountable to doing what they should be doing throughout college

…coach your student on how to land the ‘right’ internship to put them on the fast track to getting a job in their chosen field upon college graduation

…coach your student on building the perfect resume and other career placement strategies to attempt to increase their chances of getting a job in their chosen field upon college graduation

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