Step 4: Peace of Mind

How can we pay for college without sacrificing our other financial goals?

The Peace of Mind phase is where we dig in to determine the best way for your family to pay for college – regardless of the cost…. and ultimately become more financially set for life. This is accomplished by delivering time tested, proven strategies to send your children to college… as well as help you grow more financially secure every single day – without taking unnecessary risks.

In this phase, we seek to:

…design and implement a realistic working college funding plan aimed towards allowing your family to more easily afford to send all children to college – regardless of the cost; and ultimately become financially set for life

…review and analyze your family’s financial plans for college and beyond… and determine what can be done to improve your family’s overall financial situation and get you on the right path to becoming financially set for life – without taking unnecessary risks

…analyze where your money is flowing and strategize any opportunities that can improve how you pay for college as well as improve your overall financial picture

…map out all of your dreams in life and the determine best path to take to ‘realistically’ achieve those dreams once college is funded

…architect your entire financial life down on a simple one-page plan that provides you with confidence and certainty of how you will pay for college as well as achieve your other long-term goals